Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is the Adonis doily. I did it before I did the one you see in my previous post. It is another pattern that is almost certainly a Herbert Niebling design.

The Adonis doily pattern is pretty much identical to the Adonieroschen patten from Gloria Penning's Old World Treasures booklet. The only difference is that Adonis calls for 6 pattern repeats, while Adonieroschen calls for 8. Since I have a short attention span, I prefer the 6 PR version. Some of the outer rounds have a lot of stitches per pattern repeat!

You can see a photo of the Adonieroschen version of the pattern at Michael Kaprelian's website. The direct link to the photo is:

The pattern is very straightforward to knit. The inner flower is slightly fiddly. The texture of the inner flower is made up of alternating twisted knits and purls (*k-tbl, p*). I continued that pattern on the intermediate rounds. I think it really defines those petals nicely.

One ball of DMC Cebelia #20 cotton thread was sufficient for two doilies in the 70-80-round range. I could probably manage one more small doily from the same ball of thread, maybe up to 40 rounds or so. But I'll probably throw the remnants into my stash instead. I use the remnants for small crocheted items such as snowflakes. Or I use them for weaving and braiding.

I like the patterns in Old World Treasures. Lille Meitler is the featured designer. Her designs are quite pleasant. The booklet includes about a half dozen patterns by an unknown designer. I think the unknown designer is Herbert Niebling. Except for Elfreida, which is pretty clearly by Meitler, the unattributed patterns feature many of his typical design flourishes.


fleegle said...

I have fallen in love with your blog. The knitting is magnificent and the information clear, concise, and excellent! Thank you so much!

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Tracy said...

Hello! I've been looking for a kindly, happy doily knitter who has the book Old World Treasures. There is a pattern I desperately want to knit for my mum, Viola. Ahh like sharing with a friend :) (the book is way too much for me to buy)